CellViz is a mobile application that records and visualizes information about wireless/cellular networks, such as the quality and strength of signals at a given geographic position, and the position and time of handoffs from one tower to another.  

The goal of CellViz is to enable rapid evaluation and improvement of wireless devices and networks, and to provide end-users more information about their cellular coverage.

Traditional design, development, and testing cycles for cell phones and wireless networks require a significant amount of effort and manual data analysis.  CellViz automates much of this process and enables mobile device manufacturers, cell phone carriers, mobile application developers, and consumers to quickly discover the information about the wireless networks that a given device can observe, and capture information to be used for evaluating and improving wireless networks and devices. 

Find out more about how CellViz can help you on the FAQ page.

CellViz is now available on Google Play.  

CellViz data in Google Earth

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