The easiest way to review the results from the mobile application is to email them to yourself or others.  

The GPS Benchmark Mobile Application generates an email after a test is complete to email addresses of your choice.  These emails contain a summary of the device characteristics and settings for the test as well as the overall summary statistics for the test.  A zip file is attached to this email, which contains three files:  

  1. a KMZ file of the location data (viewable in Google Earth)
  2. a CSV file containing all location data from the test (viewable in Excel or ArcGIS)
  3. a CSV file which contains summary statistics of the test (can be used for comparison against other test summaries from the same or different devices).

An example results email (click image to see full size):

By viewing the KMZ file in Google Earth, you can view a time lapse of the location data based on when it was calculated, as well as visualize the percentiles for horizontal error as transparent circles surrounding the ground truth location, with 50th (i.e., median, CEP) in red, 68th in yellow, and 95th in green.  

An example screenshot showing KMZ results in Google Earth (click image to see full size):

Example files from an actual GPS Benchmark test can be downloaded from the below links:

Files Attached to the Results Email by the GPS Benchmark Mobile Application

  • SummaryStatistics_htc_heroc_sprint_9.csv   2k - Jul 31, 2010, 11:51 AM by Sean Barbeau (v1)
    ‎CSV file containing summary values from the text, comparable to other test results within Excel or ArcGIS.‎
  • LocationData_htc_heroc_sprint_9.csv   30k - Jul 31, 2010, 11:50 AM by Sean Barbeau (v1)
    ‎CSV file containing GPS Benchmark Results, viewable in Excel and ArcGIS‎
  • GPS Benchmark Test 9 htc_heroc_sprint.kmz   23k - Jul 31, 2010, 11:50 AM by Sean Barbeau (v1)
    ‎KML file of GPS Benchmark Results, viewable in Google Earth‎
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